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Over 3500 people

We employ over 3,500 people globally. But what is it really like to work at EMR? Find out from some of our people.


Administrative Assistant – Dallas, TX

"I began my career with EMR as a receptionist in 2016 at our EMR Dallas location. My primary role at this time is that of the Depot Manager’s Administrative Assistant, however, I assist different department with different tasks when needed, these include the Customer Service Department as a cashier, HR as an Assistant, Maintenance, and SHE.

I love to help where help is needed and as a result of the opportunities and responsibilities given to me during my career at EMR, it has allowed me to grow professionally in various departments. By working in those Departments, it has taught me to be flexible and to adapt to changes more easily and to multitask with several roles. I take pride in working for EMR because it has allowed me to utilize my expertise to overcome challenges and provide meaningful help to others."


Site Manager – Becker, MN

Jake began his career with EMR as a union employee on in 2006 at our Minneapolis location. He has held 13 separate positions at four different sites which include everything from Warehouse (where he fell in love with the industry buying the various non-ferrous commodities and interacting with the customers at the front line), Shredder Operator, Load Inspector to managing MRP operations and so much more prior to becoming the Site Manager in Becker in 2019.

"The opportunities and responsibilities I’ve been given during my career at EMR have allowed me to work alongside an all-inclusive diverse team of men and women who work with integrity that enjoy the valuable service that we provide to the industry. Along the way I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge.

As with any large company we work hard to overcome adversity, learn to adapt to change and embrace everyday challenges. I find that being a team player, being forward thinking and proactively developing plans to avoid potential problems is one of my favorite parts of the job.

As we continue to navigate the ever changing recycling industry I am very fortunate to be on the forefront of EMR's green field build out in Becker. To be part of the design and decision making process of the state- of- the- art shredding facility has been one of the best learning experiences with EMR. Being the first of its kind anywhere in the world and setting new environmental standards within the industry it has been a challenge with so much excitement at the same time. I take pride in working for EMR because we invest and care about our employees and the environment."


Regional Human Resources Manager – Southern East

Erika joined EMR in 2011 as a temporary cashier and worked her way through various roles to be the HR Manager of the Southern East region.

"When I graduated from college with a degree in forestry, I never dreamed I would wind up working in the metal recycling industry. Now I can’t imagine working anywhere else!

I have truly enjoyed working at EMR. In all the various roles I have held - cashier, scale operator, dispatcher, HR clerk, I have always felt supported by my management team. They have encouraged me to explore new options and opportunities that have come my way. Knowing I have that support and encouragement behind me has motivated me to keep growing in my role and find new ways to contribute to the company.

As a regional HRM, I enjoy interacting with the whole cross section of employees in my region. Nothing makes me happier than being able to help an employee with an issue they have been dealing with whether it s a benefits issue, questions about pay or a work environment matter. Supporting our leadership team and helping make their visions a reality is another rewarding aspect of my role."


Director of Maritime Operations – Eastern Region

Wil started with Camden Iron & Metal in 1995. He learned the scrap industry from the bottom up. Like many employees at that time, Wil wore many hats.

"When I started, I did everything from OA, running NF and FE scales to operating equipment when needed. We were a small company with a lot of competitors so customer service was always of great importance. It was a great learning experience for someone new to the workforce and industry.

In 2003, I was promoted to night shift production manager for our shredder operation. Around 2010, I accepted the depot manager position at SPC, a division of Eastern Metals and was reassigned to our Ports Division. The Director at the time was a wealth of knowledge and always strived for excellence. In 2017 they retired and I took on the role.

EMR leadership recognizes employees that continuously demonstrate the ability to take on and handle responsibility. Balanced with a strong work ethic, opportunities for promotion are always around the corner."


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