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Mary Hansgen — Transportation Logistics Co-ordinator

At a 26-acre site in the US city of Becker, Minnesota, EMR has built the world’s most advanced – and most sustainably run – shedder facility. It is a project that has created a new benchmark for a greener, low carbon metal recycling industry.

With the Becker facility located in a US state famous for its waterways, rural economy, and the diversity of its natural landscapes, EMR has developed a shredder that runs on 100 percent renewable energy. This, paired with the fact that it is fully enclosed, makes it the world’s most environmentally friendly shredder, producing the lowest emissions to air and water.

To ensure that material can continue to be sent to steel mills around the USA in a low carbon way, EMR has also invested $2.5 million in a new rail line, connecting the Becker shredder to one of the busiest stretches of railway in the country. And it’s Mary’s role as Transport Logistics Co-ordinator for EMR USA to schedule and arrange trains to transport recycled materials back into the circular economy.

Mary joined EMR in 1997 and 26 years later, she’s still loving it and learning something new every day!

Although metal recycling has traditionally been seen as a 'male-dominated' industry, EMR is an equal opportunities employer and Mary says:

“I feel empowered to do my job, and I know that I do it well. Gender is not an issue here!”

Through high-quality training and apprenticeships, EMR ensures that all employees are given the chance to develop in their career, and Mary is no exception:

“I’ve felt supported all along and having started out in the early days doing a bit of everything from accounting to weighing customers materials, I've progressed to the position I am in now.”

Mary loves the independence and trust instilled in her to do her job. Although there are currently a lot of women working across EMR USA’s Northern Region, she's keen to see even more women entering the industry. She advocates that the organisation is an inclusive place to work, welcoming women with ‘open arms’ and offering them the training and development they need to succeed.

As well as enjoying her individual role, she is extremely proud of EMR's ethos, sustainability ambitions, and the work they do to support communities. She hopes this will also encourage more women to get involved.

Mary also thrives on the variety and pace at the company, she explains:

“It’s not an environment where you just sit back and put your feet up, it’s a 'think outside the box business', and after more than a quarter of a century, I’m still motivated, constantly learning and challenging myself. EMR is an exceptional employer, and I feel grateful to work for the business. It’s not just a recycler, it’s much more, and you can really make a difference here!”

As a global leader in sustainable materials, EMR has many career opportunities including engineering, site operations, marketing, commercial, shipping, and health and safety.

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