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EMR employee processing an auto

Our facilities can recycle your end-of-life vehicle in compliance with strict legislation.

Whether you are looking to recycle one vehicle or hundreds, we make the process straightforward.

We offer:

  • A large network of facilities
  • Responsible removal and disposal of all fluids and pollutants
  • Secure and certified destruction of all vehicles
  • Environmentally responsible and compliant service
  • Reliable service for customers ranging from large automotive manufacturers to pick-n-pulls or individual car owners

Since 2008, we have invested millions of dollars in new technologies and partnerships offering a complete solution for End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) recycling, resulting in the capability to recycle over 95% of a car.


We operate one of the largest and most professional catalytic convertor buying networks in the industry, enabling us to price and purchase both auto and industrial catalytic convertors; subject to local laws and regulations.

We offer competitive prices on all makes and types of convertors, with prompt payment and a fast service.


Contact our Buying Team to find out how we can recycle your end-of-life, scrap vehicles and catalytic convertors.