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Olivia Healey

Steve Deacon, Chief Commercial Officer at EMR USA
Steve Deacon, Chief Commercial Officer at EMR USA

We are a global leader in sustainable materials. Starting out as a single-site, family-owned metal recycler in the United Kingdom back in the 1940s, we have grown into an international organization; one that is committed to creating a future where the materials people use are no longer extracted from the planet. On target to become a fully net-zero business by 2040, we have aligned our climate commitments with science to fight against climate change.

Today, we typically recycle in the region of 10 million tons of metal and plastics each year, and employ over 4,000 people across the US, the UK and Europe. We work with industry, government bodies and the general public to turn end-of-life materials into valuable resources – making the circular economy a reality. Through our many partnerships, we are also creating sustainable futures – cutting greenhouse gases and reducing waste.

Here, in America, we have more than 50 operating sites. To the North, you’ll find EMR in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. EMR sites on the East Coast can be found in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, while in the South, we are expanding across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

We responsibly recycle anything from an aluminum can to an aircraft carrier. We also operate ‘My Auto Store’, a state-of-the-art vehicle dismantling and parts recovery facility in Camden, New Jersey, that’s paving the way for America’s transition to electric vehicles. As well as world-leading, sustainable marine recycling business, International Shipbreaking Limited LLC based in Brownsville, Texas.

Supporting our goal to be fully net-zero within the next 20 years, we are taking a leading role with one of the world’s most advanced and sustainable recycling facilities in Becker, Minnesota.

Almost every one of our sites in the US was acquired because of its unique local heritage, in addition to its approach and ethos to sustainability and ethical recycling. In fact, many of the businesses now trading as part of EMR USA have been a vital presence within their local communities for generations and employ team members with many decades of expertise in recycling.

We have strategically improved each of these sites with substantial capital investments to utilize the latest recycling technologies while expanding the number of jobs at each location. We are fully committed to supporting the communities where we operate and we view our neighborhood partners, many of whom are EMR USA employees, as essential to all aspects of our operations.

“Just like all EMR operations around the globe, EMR USA sites maintain the trusted local-level service that customer’s value,”

says Steve Deacon, Chief Commercial Officer at EMR USA.

“We take great pride in the fact that our customers, regardless of the size of their businesses, or whether they are buying from us or selling to us, understand that we’ll always have their best interests at heart. We fully understand their requirements and have the capability to deal with all their recycling challenges effectively and efficiently.”

With the common goal of maximizing sustainability, while benefiting from the support of the wider EMR family, each EMR USA site is also able to call upon cutting-edge technology, world-class research, and leading-edge recycling expertise to help protect tomorrow’s environment today.

We have a reputation for reinvesting our profits for the long-term success of the company, and for providing worthwhile, sustainable careers for our employees; nurturing talent and both recognizing and rewarding success.

“EMR has always been committed to investing in the latest technologies and sustainable processes, as well as offering highly skilled, well-paid employment,”

adds Steve.

“It’s a company you can be proud to be associated with and equally proud to work for.”