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Tiera Hollis – Scale Operator at EMR USA, New Jersey

“For women like me that want to put on a hard hat and show everyone that you can lift 700 pounds of rotors - get out there and do that, because I do it proudly every day!”

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Tiera Hollis
Tiera Hollis

New to the metal recycling industry, Tiera started her role at EMR less than 12 months ago in May 2022, as a Scale Operator based in Camden, New Jersey. Tiera says:

“I’d never worked in this sector before and had no prior knowledge about metal, but I knew after working as a material handler at my previous company, that I wanted to continue working with my hands. I was looking for a career which had stability and growth, and as soon as I walked into EMR and had my interview, I knew that the role was something I could do and really thrive in.”

tiera standing in middle of waste metal pile

Tiera is responsible for incoming and outgoing metal shipments, including weighing loads and assessing their value, as well as processing customer payments. Tiera explains: “In the short time that I've been with EMR, they have developed and trained me to do everything necessary for my job, including how to grade metals and work the weighbridge - in this role, you need to be tech savvy as well as being able to multitask!

“I really enjoy dealing with the different types of material daily. I’ve learnt so much already and I’m continuing to do so, even when I’m at home. When you begin to understand about the various types of metals, including those in household items, you start looking at the world differently.”

Although the metal recycling industry has traditionally been viewed as ‘male-dominated’, EMR prides itself on being an equal opportunities employer. Tiera says:

“At EMR everyone is respected regardless of gender. I’m currently the only female in my yard and I'm not treated any differently, we all appreciate and support each other. My advice to women is not to be confined to what the world tells you to be, you can choose any career you like. I wanted to be a scale operator and I made it happen, and I love it!”

As a global leader in sustainable materials, EMR offers a wide variety of career opportunities. Tiera adds:

“There are lots of different positions available here. Some people prefer working ‘behind the scenes’ for example in HR and finance, and then we have others who are forklift operators and drivers. I love when I see a woman driving an 18-wheeler full of heavy material - she's killing it!”

At EMR it’s not your background or where you come from that matters, it is about your attitude. Prior to joining the company, Tiera had overcome difficulties in her past and is extremely grateful for the opportunities the organization has provided her.

“I want to say to anyone who is struggling, it’s never too late to make something of yourself. Companies like EMR show that you can do better and be better, and I’m thankful to them every day for giving me a chance.”

Tiera concludes:

“For women that want to get dirty, put on a hard hat and steel toe boots, and show everyone that you can lift 700 pounds of rotors and put them in a bin with nobody's help - then get out there and you do that, because I do it proudly every day!”

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