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Introducing EMR USA’s Eastern Region

Ed Sciaba – COO (Eastern), EMR USA

Grabber on EMR site

Based in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, EMR USA's Eastern Region provides customers across the US East Coast with a world leading metal recycling service.

Members of the public, tradespeople and small businesses can sell any ferrous or non-ferrous metal, at one of our nine feeder sites, for a competitive price before it is processed at our state-of-the-art mega shredder in Camden NJ. Recycled metal is then either sold on to metal mills and foundries here in the United States or is exported to markets around the world via our three deep seaport facilities.

Either way, the metal our customers sell to us goes directly into the next generation of cars, toasters or refrigerators – creating a sustainable, circular economy for what is a valuable and finite resource.

And our business is not working alone – the Eastern Region is part of EMR, a global leader in sustainable materials. EMR’s purpose is to create a future where the materials we use do not need to be extracted from the planet.

As the industry changes and the calls to protect our planet grow louder, we are therefore able to draw on innovation from across the United States, Europe, and the UK.

Working together with our colleagues we are implementing EMR’s sustainability strategy which is seeing our business start the journey towards net-zero by 2040, phasing out fossil fuels and investing in technology powered by renewable electricity.

This approach is already having a significant impact at our sites. At Camden we have invested in a modern, electrified crane, while at our smaller sites in Philadelphia – including Delco, Port Richmond (EMR Rhino), and Sharon Hill PA (EMR Atlas) – EMR has introduced electric forklift trucks, in both cases replacing diesel-powered predecessors.

Recycling is an inherently sustainable industry and, as a business, EMR is also passionate about protecting our natural resources and safeguarding biodiversity.

At Camden, a number of major investments have either been implemented or are planned which will benefit both the environment and the neighborhoods where we operate.

Firstly, our Camden site has a unique capture system ensuring water run-off is not discharged into the local environment. Four large above ground storage tanks on the property have the capacity to hold about 800,000 gallons of rainwater each. We then use this water in our processes.

While the metal recycling industry will never have the same visibility as a retail chain on Main Street or a consumer brand, the role it plays in our economy will become even more important as the United Stated transitions towards a sustainable, circular economy. Through investments in innovative technology and market-leading environmental standards, EMR’s Eastern Region is getting ready for the responsibilities and opportunities that this enhanced role will bring.