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EMR USA Donates $3,000 To Water Wise Green Infrastructure Initiative

Olivia Healey

Water Wise Gulf Project work
Water Wise Gulf Project work

Donation will help communities in New Orleans reduce the risk of flooding, protect biodiversity and improve public health.

EMR USA – part of EMR, a global leader in sustainable materials – is supporting the roll out of green infrastructure projects in New Orleans as part of the Water Wise Gulf South Model project.

Water Wise Gulf South Project image 1

EMR USA has three sites in New Orleans including Lower 9th Ward, Mid City and Westwego and has a track record of investing in community-based projects that protect the city, its people and the biodiversity of the region as a whole.

Green infrastructure provides a number of benefits to communities that have been plagued by flooding in recent decades, including improved drainage and reduced soil subsidence. In addition, these projects increase water and air quality, enhance public health outcomes and cool urban environments.

First launched in 2016, the scheme includes a number of community-focused elements including Water Wise Neighborhood Champions Training, Green Infrastructure 101 Workshops and tours of green infrastructure projects around New Orleans. Visioning sessions then help communities identify green infrastructure projects for their own neighborhoods.

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EMR USA’s $3,000 donation to Water Wise will enable further community engagement as well as the delivery of green infrastructure projects in New Orleans.

Tony Schultz, ESG Manager at EMR USA, said:

“Our city knows better than most the value of safe, resilient and community-focused water management.

“By donating to Water Wise, EMR USA is backing the roll-out of green infrastructure projects that will increase the living standards of New Orleans residents while protecting them from flooding risks. And the Water Wise Gulf South Model puts the power back in the hands of local people to make these decisions.

“We are looking forward to seeing the next stage of the Water Wise project as more New Orleans residents gain access to the sustainability benefits of this important green infrastructure.”