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Case study: Edward Sciaba – Vice President (Eastern), EMR USA

Jack Arksey

Edward Sciaba

"Over the past five years, I have seen a huge and really positive transformation in the way metal recycling is perceived in this country – and that is only going to continue," says Edward Sciaba, Vice President for EMR USA’s Eastern Region.

EMR’s Eastern Region spans five states – New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Connecticut – and each is home to busy yards.

“In the Eastern Region, we have nine feeder yards and three deep-sea ports, and my role is to oversee these operations, bringing material into sites and processing it, so that it can re-enter the circular economy,” says Edward.

Whether a business wishes to sell material – from post consumer products, construction, demolition, end-of-life vehicles, or other sources – or wishes to buy recycled material for use in the next generation of products, Edward says there are many reasons why EMR should be the preferred partner.

“We have strategic locations throughout the Eastern Region as well as well-established trade lanes, including via trucks, rail, barge – pretty much everything other than plane. We also offer prompt payment for our suppliers.”

In addition, Edward believes there is something special about the company’s culture that makes other businesses want to work with EMR:

“We strive, every day, to be the best in every aspect of what we do. From the cleanliness of our facilities, to the professionalism of our staff. We live up to our word and, if there's a commitment made, we see it through. By partnering with EMR, businesses can send a powerful message to their customers that they are committed to responsible and sustainable practices, and that they care about the same things they do.

“My team and I are responsible for receiving materials from customers that are ready to be recycled. Once we have processed the materials, we sell them for remanufacture to make sure they re-enter the circular economy. We do so while operating to the highest environmental standards and recovering as many vital materials as possible.”

For Edward, there has never been a time when the recycling industry – and doing the best possible job – didn’t matter to him.

“My family has been in the metal recycling business for as long as I can remember. I started working for my father when I was younger, and I eventually ended up getting a job offer from another major metal recycler, as my career developed. I was then offered this position, at EMR, six years ago.”

This lifelong experience means that Edward feels a particular bond with the industry.

“It's definitely in my blood. It's a very complex business and you have to be able to think on your feet. But it's unique, exciting, and fast paced.

“When I first started out, metal recycling had a bad reputation in many ways. Over the next decade or so I think more people are going to understand how important it is – like all recycling – to the way modern businesses operate. I have a young son and I hope he follows in our family’s footsteps and joins this industry as well.”