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Case Study: William Davis - Community Liaison Officer, EMR Camden, New Jersey

Jack Arksey

William Davis - Community Liaison Officer, EMR Camden, New Jersey
William Davis - Community Liaison Officer, EMR Camden, New Jersey

“The main thing I want to accomplish through my position is to empower individuals in the community and for EMR to build partnerships and change lives,” says William Davis, Community Liaison Officer, EMR Camden.

William Davis was born and raised in Camden, having briefly left after being awarded a full scholarship to study at the University of Fordham. When he graduated his passion for helping others took him back to his local community.

William explained: “Looking at my own journey and story, it was mentors, coaches, Little League organisations and teachers who helped me get to the places I did when I didn't have the resources. So, when I was graduating, I wanted to come back to the city and do something similar. Be an example.”

William moved back to Camden and settled happily into family life whilst working for local causes. EMR decided to recruit two local residents as Community Liaison Officers due to their insight as to how the company could best support the local community.

One of William’s neighbours who worked at the city council recommended him as an ideal candidate. Meanwhile William, now a father-of-two, had been impressed with the CEO of EMR USA, Joe Balzano and his evident passion for giving back to the community where his own parents grew up.

William took up his new position in April 2021, alongside colleague Stacey Pierce, who is now Director of Community Engagement. He says these roles have been crucial in EMR’s ability to be a good neighbour. “As someone who belongs to the community I can help more because I understand the problems and have the contacts with those who do a good job to help residents,” he said.

“If there's a community meeting, there’s a high chance that I'm there, and sometimes it's not about speaking. It’s about being aware of what's going on, seeing where we can make ourselves of use to the community. As well as having that voice there and speaking up for others who may not have the courage or information to make the explanations that they need to.”

Since William and Stacey joined EMR, they’ve also worked on the company’s behalf to support the community through donations, sponsorships, job fairs and vaccination clinics. Environmental initiatives have included beautification projects and clean-ups, using EMR’s resources to make a difference.

“Through EMR there’s opportunity to do a lot of good for a community that desperately needs it,” said William.

William believes his own vision for the city’s development will be achieved by promoting the importance of recycling and associated careers through partnership work with the Camden City School District.

“I want it to be transformative and change lives, because EMR is big enough, strong enough, and we care. We’re a member of this community, our corporate headquarters are right here in Camden, New Jersey. I want to let young people know, you can go off to college, get a four-year degree and come back to your home city and work for an international company.

“By coming together, talking and filling positions like this, we will make a difference. The longer we’re here, the more that positive feeling about what this company is and what we mean to the community will build.”

William himself is with EMR for the long haul. “I'm going to strive to do this until I retire, probably even after I retire. If somebody asked me on the street -“Hey, Will, can you do this? Can you help me?”- and I had the time, I would do it for free. I just happen to have somebody pay me to do it.

“When you do what you love, it's never work.”