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Being a Great Place To Work® is about more than the workplace for EMR

Olivia Healey

EMR certified as a Great Place To Work
EMR certified as a Great Place To Work

EMR, a global leader in sustainable materials, has been certified as a Great Place To Work® across its operations in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. Proud to have been recognized for its dedication to its people, this certification is a celebration of the ongoing work that EMR is doing to ensure it’s a safe, great place to work for all.

“Our people are our most valuable asset, and their safety, satisfaction and pride in what they do, as well as their trust in the company, are very important to the family,” says Chris Sheppard, Group CEO at EMR. “We’re delighted that they have recognized the efforts that the business has made to build an environment where every one of them can bring their best self to work, every day.”

For EMR, the work environment is much more than bricks and mortar. It’s a consistent theme of people-focused decision making that aims to drive continuous improvement in safety, inclusivity, progression and purpose. “We are fortunate that the very nature of what we do makes a real difference to the environment, so we’re not short on purpose, but - at a human level - we have to continuously listen to our people and respond appropriately,” says Chris. “While good old-fashioned, one-on-one and team conversations are always going to be important, as the company grew, we had no way to give each individual an impartial platform to have their voice heard, while trying to identify the big themes that could be addressed across the company.”

That’s where Great Place To Work® came in, enabling a clear, objective, big-picture view. This has led to more effective and directed goal setting across the Group. EMR has always been committed to maintaining a strong culture of caring, listening to its people and using their feedback to drive its actions. This streamlined approach to encouraging its people to contribute their vital ideas to the business means it can move forward with consistency and at pace.