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EMR USA supports Louisiana’s crab trap removal program – all to really help it catch on

Olivia Healey

Boat heading out to help with crab trap removal

Global leader in sustainable materials, EMR USA, has thrown its weight behind Louisiana’s derelict crab trap removal program. 

A team of EMR Volunteers took part in a trap collection event along the east and west side of the Mississippi River. During the event many derelict traps were recovered, protecting marine life. EMR’s Environmental, Social and Governance Manager, Tony Schultz said:

“At EMR, we accept old traps for recycling and encouraged trap owners to bring them to one of our depots when they are no longer of use. I recently experienced first-hand the impact of abandoned traps.

“In trap after trap, we found crabs, fish and shellfish. As well as recording countless marine species, checking each recovered trap’s condition and its release mechanism, volunteers and collection teams brought back more than 10,000lbs in weight of derelict traps for recycling.”

Every year, lost and abandoned blue crab traps continue to catch crabs as well as other marine life along Louisiana’s rivers and shores. They can be a safety and navigational hazard for boats, and damage shrimping nets and snag fishing lines, resulting in even more underwater debris. According to Louisiana Fisheries Forward, each derelict trap kills a number of blue crabs annually.

“We will continue volunteering to help with each year’s Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) derelict crab trap clean-up event,”

adds Tony Schultz.

“We’d like to encourage as many local people as possible to volunteer to help. Having spent virtually my entire working life involved in environmental issues, I know that the derelict crab traps problem is one we can solve if we all work together.”