Decommissioned marine structures

A quick and efficient service

Specialist facilities equipped to handle decommissioned marine structures and vessels are in place at a number of EMR yards along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  We employ a team of experts to manage this activity, ensuring legal and environmental compliance all the while providing a quick and efficient service. 

Specialist equipment to get the job done right

Our waterfront facilities in Amelia and Morgan City, Louisiana and Brownsville, Texas are all equipped with stiff leg derrick cranes capable of moving structures up to 350 gross tons.  Each lift is unique and is assessed on an individual basis to guarantee on site safety and a quick turnaround.

Our track record in the market shows we are able to provide competitive prices, and handle all waste remediation concerns with integrity.

Watch us in action

Ship breaking is an intricate process for any company, no matter how big or small.  At EMR we are well equipped for this specialist process, employing a team of experts to maximise efficiency rates and ensure every ship is recycled safely.

'The Pyro' featured in this short video clip weighed in at over 8,000 tons when it arrived at EMR Brownsville to begin the lengthy recycling process.  A minimum team of 10 ship breaking experts worked on the huge vessel for almost four months, breaking the ship down using our specialist on site equipment, recovering as much of its metallic content as possible for processing at one of our many metal recycling facilities. 

Our commitment to ensuring the safety of our people and minimizing the impact our processes have on the environment is paramount when handling any marine structures or vessels; qualities which have helped us secure our position as one of the world's largest metal recycling companies.

Click here to watch 'The Pyro' being recycled


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