Marine Recycling

EMR Group and its subsidiaries International Shipbreaking Limited and Southern Recycling own some of the world’s premier marine recycling facilities.  These specialist facilities are equipped to handle redundant marine structures and vessels and are located at a number of locations across the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  Our services include ship breaking, remediation, investment recovery, decommissioning and recycling of redundant vessels and oil and gas assets, barge breaking, third-party towing and heavy-lift services. Our expertise in the global recycling arena is applied to all projects to ensure the highest recycling rates possible, whilst maximising returns for our customers.

Take a look at our services in more detail:

Ship and Vessel Recycling

Platform and rig decommissioning 

Barge Recycling


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Did you know scrap metal recovered from EMR’s vessels is sold to foundries across the world to make new consumer products