Platform and rig decommissioning

EMR has three strategically located facilities across the Gulf of Mexico equipped to handle platform and rig decommissioning. Our waterfront facilities in Brownsville, Texas and Amelia and Morgan City, Louisiana are all equipped with heavy lift cranes capable of individual lifts of up to 350 tons. With over 3,000 feet of bulkhead available amongst the facilities, receipt of floating material is our specialty.

We have a team of project managers with a wealth of experience and knowledge to manage each project from start to finish. Each heavy lift is unique and is assessed on an individual basis to guarantee on site safety, regulatory compliance and a quick turnaround. A dedicated and experienced team of equipment operators and cutters are also on hand to decommission structures in the most efficient way possible using the best available technology in the market place.

With a long track record in the industry, we are able to handle all required remediation either in-house or through a network of trusted third-party contractors. Services that we offer include waste and fluid remediation, mercury remediation, NORM removal, asbestos abatement and secure destruction.

We have arranged and successfully completed the towing of many vessels and marine structures using in-house expertise and a network of trusted and experienced third-party tow companies. Fabrication services to aid marine transportation, deck barge set-ups and clean-offs, pipe stanchions, load spreaders and installation aids can all be provided upon request.

The types of platforms and rigs which we have decommissioned include jackets, topsides, caissons, multi-level decks, floaters, living quarters,  jack-up rigs, drilling rigs, semi-submersible rigs, floating accommodation units and various oil and gas related assets and pipelines.

Our goal is to provide a safe and efficient service to all of our customers, whilst serving their investment recovery needs. Our core business is metal recycling and, through a combination of the highest recycling and recovery rates, unbeatable sales and marketing of products and efficient on-site processes, we can always offer the best value to our customers.

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