Ship and Vessel Recycling 

EMR Group, with its subsidiaries International Shipbreaking Limited and Southern Recycling is the world’s leading ‘green’ ship recycling company and the largest in the United States. With three specialist facilities located in Brownsville, Texas; New Orleans and Amelia, Louisiana; we have the infrastructure, personnel and experience to handle anything from small tug boats and offshore supply vessels through to the largest commercial and military vessels in the world. No project is too big or too small and we have the capacity to decommission and recycle in excess of 250,000 tons of ships and vessels each year.

We understand the absolute need for safe and environmentally sound procedures during ship recycling projects. Quality control procedures are in place and strong environmental ethics are passed down to all employees in the company to ensure that regulatory compliant, environmentally sound methods are followed. Our ship recycling operations are based on proven large-scale production processes that are safe and environmentally responsible. In response to customer needs, we have assembled an experienced management team and created specialized work crews who control every aspect of the dismantling process.  We are frequently inspected and maintain a good relationship with all regulatory agencies. Our wealth of experience and impeccable regulatory compliance record demonstrates a thorough understanding of regulations, production processes, project management and requirements for vessel dismantling in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

New Orleans

Each facility has a number of formal Best Management Practices in place to ensure regulatory compliance and continuously monitors and improves upon its pollution prevention measures to minimize impacts to land and water. Ship breaking is an intricate process for any company, no matter how big or small and, at EMR, we are well equipped for this specialist process, employing a team of experts to maximise efficiency rates and ensure every ship is recycled safely. Our commitment to ensuring the safety of our people and minimizing the impact our processes have on the environment is paramount when handling any marine structures or vessels. These are standards which have helped us secure our position as one of the world's largest metal recycling companies. 

We have been recycling ships and marine structures since the end of World War II. Past and current customers include: US Navy; US Maritime Administration; Royal Australian Navy and numerous multi-national ship owners.  Ship recycling programs and processes continue to grow and improve with every project. We have also been awarded world famous ship recycling projects such as ex-USS Ranger (the US Naval Aircraft carrier of Top Gun fame) and ex-USS Constellation (another US Naval Aircraft carrier affectionately known as “Connie”).

We have arranged and successfully completed the towing of many vessels and marine structures using in-house expertise and a network of trusted and experienced third-party tow companies. In 2015 EMR arranged for and completed the tow of ex-USS Ranger all the way from Bremerton Washington, down the West coast of the Americas, through the Straits of Magellan and up the East coast of the Americas to Brownsville, Texas, a journey of over 16,000 nautical miles

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Previous Projects


Vessel Name / Year Completed                                                  Vessel Type

US Maritime Administration

Ex-Builder (2001)                                                                         Break Bulk Cargo                               

Ex-Challenger (2003)                                                                   Break Bulk Cargo                               

Ex-Gen. Simon B. Buckner (AP 123) (1996)                                 Troop Carrier                                    

Ex-Gen. Maurice Rose (AP 126) (1996/1997)                               Troop Carrier                                    

Ex-Champion (1998)                                                                    Break Bulk Cargo                               

Ex-MormacGlen (1998)                                                                Break Bulk Cargo                               

Ex-Northwind (1998)                                                                    Ice Breaker                                          

Ex-Santa Elena (2004)                                                                 Break Bulk Cargo                             

Ex-Neosho (T-AO 143) (2005)                                                     Oiler                                                     

Ex-Neptune (T-ARC 2) (2006)                                                      Cable Repair                                      

Ex-Albert J. Meyer (T-ARC 6) (2005/2006)                                   Cable Repair                                        

Ex-Connecticut (Stm/38K) (2006)                                                Oil Tanker                                           

Ex-Waccamaw (T-AO 109) (2006/2007)                                      Oiler                                                       

Ex-Adonis (2008)                                                                        Chemical Tanker                                              

Ex-Buyer (2008/2009)                                                                 Break Bulk Cargo                               

Ex-Cape Catawba (2008)                                                            Break Bulk Cargo                               

Ex- Cape Canaveral (2008/2009)                                                Break Bulk Cargo                               

Ex-Suribachi (AE-21) (2009)                                                       Ammunition Supply                         

Ex-State of Maine (2011)                                                            MASS Maritime Training Ship                                   

Ex-Tulare (AKA-112) (2012)                                                       Attack Cargo                                      

Ex-Pigeon (ASR-21) (2012)                                                        Submarine Rescue                             

Ex-Mission Capistrano (T-AO-112) (2012)                                   Oiler  

Ex-Merrimack (AO-179) (2013)                                                   Oiler                                                    

Ex-Vancouver (LPD-2) (2013)                                                     Amphibious Transport Dock       

Ex-Wichita (AOR-1) (2014)                                                         Replenishment Oiler

Ex-Shasta                                                                                  Ammunition Supply

Ex-Mount Hood                                                                          Ammunition Supply


Ex-Mallory Lykes (2007)

Ex-Allison Lykes (2007)

Ex-Lexington (2008)

Ex-Pennslyvania Trader (2008)

Ex-Hunley (2011)

Ex-American Explorer (2009)

Ex-Courier (2010)

Ex-Pyro (2012)


US Naval Vessels

Vessel Name / Year Completed                                                 Vessel Type      


International Shipbreaking Limited LLC

Ex-Yukon (AO 152) (1996)                                                           Oil Tanker                                             

Ex-Marias (AO 57) (1996)                                                            Oil Tanker                                           

Ex-Iwo Jima (LPH 2) (1996/1997)                                                 Assault Carrier                                  

Ex-Ajax (AR 6) (1997/1998)                                                         Repair Ship                                        

Ex-Josephus Daniels (CG 27) (1997)                                            Cruiser                                                   

Ex-John King (DDG 3) (1998)                                                       Destroyer                                           

Ex-Tatnall (DDG 19) (1998)                                                          Destroyer                                             

Ex-Bagley (FF 1069) (1999/2000)                                                 Fast Frigate                                        

Ex-Francis Hammond (FF 1067) (2002/2003)                               Fast Frigate                                          

Ex-Cochrane (DDG 21) (2002)                                                      Destroyer                                           

Ex-Hewitt (DD 966) (2002)                                                            Destroyer                                             

Ex-Halsey (CG 23) (2003)                                                             Cruiser                                                   

Ex-England (CG 22) (2004)                                                            Cruiser                                                   

Ex-Roark (FF 1053) (2004)                                                           Fast Frigate                                          

Ex-Gridley (CG 21) (2004/2005)                                                   Cruiser                                                 

Ex-Leahy (CG 16) (2005)                                                             Cruiser                                                   

Ex-Sterrett (CG 31) (2006)                                                          Cruiser                                                   

Ex-John Rodgers (DD 983) (2006/2007)                                      Destroyer                                             

Ex-Farragut (DDG 37) (2006/2007)                                              Destroyer                                          

Ex-John Hancock (DD 981) (2007)                                               Destroyer                                             

Ex-Moosbrugger (DD 980) (2007)                                                Destroyer                                             

Ex-Fox (CG 33) (2007)                                                                Cruiser                                                   

Ex-Mississinewa (T-AO 144) (2007)                                            Oiler                                                     

Ex-Saipan (LHA 2) (2009/2010)                                                  Amphibious Assault                       

Ex-Austin (LPD 4) (2010)                                                           Transport Dock                                  

Ex-Fort Fisher (LSD 40) (2010)                                                   Dock Landing                                    


Commercial, Oceangoing Vessels

Vessel Name / Year Completed                                               Vessel Type      


Horizon Crusader (2010)                                                            Containership

Oceanic Power (2012)

William Clark (2012)                                                                  Tanker

DB 31-Ex-Atlas (1997)                                                               Crane Barge                                        

Ex- Chevron Mississippi (2002)                                                  Oil Tanker                                           

New River (2011)                                                                      Oil Tanker                                       

Ex- Wellington (2012)                                                                Ocean Going Barge                           

Scotia Dock II (2011)                                                                 Dry-Dock                                          

Henry Eckford (T-AO 192) (2011)                                              Navy oiler                                                   

Benjamin Isherwood (T-AO-191) (2012)                                     Navy oiler                                                  

Ex- Sea River Wilmington (2013)                                                Chemical Tanker                             

Ambassador (2012)                                                                    Gambling barge                               

Hansa Berlin (2012)                                                                    Freighter

Ex-HMAS Kanimbla (2014)                                                         Amphibious warfare transport ship

Ex-HMAS Manoora (2015)                                                          Amphibious warfare transport ship

Seagate (begun September 2013)                                              General cargo ship

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