Corporate social responsibility

An ethical approach

At EMR we realize the importance of operating a sustainable and ethical company with a responsible working culture. We always strive to perform safely, efficiently and compliantly. We are also committed to our corporate social responsibility, to our workforce, local communities and the environment.

Our people

Outstanding commitment from our employees means we can offer the levels of service and quality that make us an industry leader. As a result, we continually invest in our people and their surroundings to ensure their health, safety and welfare. This creates a positive and motivated working environment of loyal and long-serving industry experts.

Health and safety

At EMR we are committed to setting industry standards and have made the constant improvement of our health and safety performance a priority. A comprehensive annual health and safety plan, the development of staff competence, fresh safety communications, active workforce consultation, and regular performance monitoring, auditing and review all play their part to ensure the controls in place are working, and to identify areas for improvement. 

Local communities

We work with local communities and as we grow, we continue to provide “green jobs” for local people, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly, by drawing on services from local businesses and suppliers.

The environment

Our core business of metal recycling saves 15 million tons of CO2 every year. On top of that, we are continually investing in our facilities, machinery and vehicles to ensure our equipment is up to date and performing efficiently, using the best available technologies and operating to the highest environmental standards. 

Minimizing carbon emissions and waste

Recycling is all about reducing waste, conserving resources and minimizing CO2 emissions compared to using virgin ores. The CO2 savings from 10 million tons of recycled metals is equivalent to 4.5 million average household carbon emissions.

We also work hard to minimize our own carbon emissions by operating the latest, most energy efficient machinery and by keeping vehicles off the road by using rail and water wherever we can. This reduces the traffic impact on the communities around our facilities.

The work we are carrying out with world class technology companies means we are pushing the boundaries of recycling on our quest to become a zero waste company. Through our joint venture with MBA Polymers, we will soon recycle 90% of End-of-Life consumer goods. Next, with the help of our partners Chinook, we will be able to produce more “green energy” than we actually use as a company, through gasification of our residual waste.

Why EMR?

  • Strong ethical, responsible and sustainable work culture
  • Investing in our employees
  • Setting industry standard for health and safety
  • Maximizing recycling rates
  • Making huge carbon savings
  • Striving to become a zero waste company