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Texas school children track the USS Independence on 16,000 mile journey - 04/11/17

Students in Brownsville, Texas will have the chance to get involved in the USS Independence’s final journey, as well as improve their geographical knowledge, as they track the progress of the aircraft carrier which is currently being towed from Bremerton, Washington to EMR Group’s International Shipbreaking Ltd yard in Brownsville, Texas.

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The USS Independence on course to arrive in Brownsville early June - 03/17/17

The decommissioned aircraft carrier, USS Independence has just passed by Costa Rica this week on its final mission, from Bremerton and onward to Brownsville, Texas.

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35,000 raised for Children in Need - 12/02/14

November was full of fundraising fun at EMR depots across the UK as employees embraced their charitable sides to raise money for Children in Need.

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Help for homeless at EMR Allentown - 07/07/14

EMR is celebrating its third year as one of Allentown Rescue Mission's most important community partners. The company teamed up with the homeless shelter to try and help get some of its regular users back on their feet after finding themselves without a job or somewhere to live.  

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Recycler turns trash into cash - 07/02/14

Did you see us in the West Fargo Pioneer?

"A cherry picker swings across the skyline, its extended claw snatching up chunks of scrap metal from huge piles..."

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